Precision Siding Tool with it's built in Speed Square, is proud to introduce it's state-of-the-art Lap Siding Tool.  Our Precision Siding Tool is capable of applying a variety of Siding Boards and Thicknesses, to any structure in a fast, accurate, and efficient manner.  It is a product of more than 20 years of construction experience.  Our Precision Siding Tool is available to customers in North America and Europe.



Precision Siding Tool

Precision Siding Tool
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The Precision Siding Tool is simple and easy to use. When used as directed, the Precision Siding Tool will save you time and unnecessary expenses when applying Lap Siding to any structure.

Your Precision Siding Tool allows you to begin your siding project without setting up time-consuming levels, lay out lines or chalk lines, and eliminates botched cuts around Doors, Windows, Boxes, Vents, etc., saving you time and money.

Directions for Use

The Bottom Tray and Tape Measure/Tongue are adjustable.  

The Bottom Tray adjusts to give you your desired overlap, and adjusts by 1/4" increments by pulling and resetting the pin located below the tray.  This gives you the flexibility of using any board up to 10" in height.  The Tape Measure/Tongue, is adjusted by squeezing the trigger on the handle.  When you pull the trigger, the Tongue/Measuring Tape can be raised or lowered, and re-locked in place when the Trigger is released.


A Few Important Reminders 

  • Follow all Manufacturers' requirements for the use of Fasteners', Gaps, caulking, spacing, End Cuts', etc, for the product you are using.

  • The Precision Siding Tool is meant to be used in pairs (2), one being held by a person supporting each end of the board to be applied. Not using a Precision Siding Tool on each end of the board throughout installation process may result in undesirable results.

  • Always use upward pressure on the Bottom Tray and the previous course applied before affixing the next course placed on the Top Tray.